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2014- Nissan Pulsar

Nissan, the choice of the cautious, elderly and shrinking violets. Decided to shock their loyal customers by replacing the trusty Almeras and Primeras with an oddball Qashqai, which was far too difficult name to pronounce in the first place. Then came the woeful Tiida, and when the people at Nissan came to their senses, the Pulsar.

It is still probably a bit brave to call Pulsar ”youthful” or ”energetic”, but it’s a step into right direction. It’s much better to handle and ride than the Almera or Tiida together, especially the back seat and the boot are generous (front seats are a bit tight, though) and with the new turbocharged petrol engines, Pulsar can be reasonably fun to drive too. Diesels are not that great, and the automatic transmission is CVT, unfortunately.

While the Pulsar in reality is a competitive product, it hasn’t quite managed to make its stand in Nissan’s own lineup. The Qashqai turned out a huge success, and even the smaller crossover Juke is drawing more younger customers than the somewhat mundane Pulsar. Hence, it’s not miracle most buyers in this segment end up with Golf or Focus instead.

The Pulsar may still be a bit of shrinking violet, but on the other hand they’re fairly cheap in used market. More so than the Golfs, and choosing a Pulsar over a Golf at least means you’re not dead on the inside. Which is kind of strange thing to say, when Nissan is considered.




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